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Hazardous Atmospheres and Confined Space Atmosphere Testing Refresher (HAACSAT-R)

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Target Groups

The Hazardous Atmosphere and Confined Space Testing (HAACSAT) training course assured by City & Guilds, has been developed for use across all types of industry.

The atmosphere testing role is crucial to the safety of all staff. Whether it be for testing a confined space, testing an area to allow hot work to take place, carrying out fire watch or standby roles, or controlling permits. This Hazardous Atmosphere and Confined Space Testing course have been designed to ensure understanding of the possible hazards and how to overcome them, through the correct use of knowledge and equipment.

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with the underpinning knowledge for:

  • How to assess, test, remove and continually monitor atmosphere hazards within confined spaces to ensure safety.
  • How to assess, test, remove and continually monitor atmosphere hazards when hot work or breaking containment is to take place.
  • The correct procedures when carrying out fire watch or standby duties.
  • Documentation, roles & responsibilities, and the correct actions to take.

Delegate Prior Achievement

To attend the Hazardous Atmosphere and Confined Space Atmosphere Testing Refresher (HAACSAT-R) course, delegates must hold a valid Hazardous Atmosphere and Confined Space Atmosphere Testing (HAACSAT) certificate.

Physical & Stressful Demands of the Courses

All personnel who participate in gas testing training should be medically fit and capable of participating fully. The responsibility for the individual completing the course, without any adverse effects to their present state of health, lies with the delegate and/or the company sponsoring the delegate.

Performance Validations

Delegates are required to complete an assessment at the end of each module, with a minimum pass mark.

Once the training has taken place and a successful pass mark has been achieved, a suitably qualified assessor must carry out an on-site assessment to verify competence before the delegates are approved to complete the role.

Modules Summary and Training Outcomes

During the training programme, delegates will refresh their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Hazardous Atmosphere Tester.

The HAACSAT-R course is set out in the following modules, with associated learning outcomes:

Module One – Safe Working

  • The principles of legislation
  • Risk assessment and safe systems of work

Module Two – Atmosphere Hazards

  • Acceptable levels of oxygen
  • Gas composition
  • Toxic substances and atmospheres
  • Flammable substances and their effects
  • Acceptable levels of flammable and toxic substances
  • DSEAR regulations and ATEX zoning

Module Three – Confined Space

  • The definition of a confined space
  • Testing and retesting of confined spaces
  • The positioning of monitors with confined spaces

Module Four – Hot Work and Breaking Containment

  • The definition of hot work
  • Areas of testing
  • Positioning of monitors

Module Five – Sensor Technology

  • Sensor design and functionality
  • The correct selection of sensors
  • Sensor limitations
  • BUMP testing and calibration

Module Six – Use of Equipment

  • Application of detection equipment
  • Pre-use Checks
  • Limitations on detection equipment
  • The difference between pumped and natural diffusion

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